A true nutritional powerhouse sourced directly from our sustainable farms

A true nutritional powerhouse sourced directly from our sustainable farms. Soybean is renowned for its impressive nutritional profile. Packed with plant-based protein, dietary fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins, this superfood offers a wide range of health benefits. Now. experience the nutritional prowess of Satee Soybean, a testament to the bounties of nature packed into each bean.



Protein: 35.0% Min.
Moisture: 13.5% Max.
Foreign Material: 2.0% Max.
Oil Content: 18.5% Min.
Kernels: 3.0% Max.

Soybean Meal

Protein: 46.0% Min.
Fat: 7.0% Max.
Moisture: 10.0% Max.
Fiber: 8.0% Max.
Sand and Silica: 2.0% Max.

Unlock the potential of sustenance with Satee Soybean, where every bean encapsulates a world of nourishment and versatility. Our soybeans, cultivated with meticulous attention, emerge as the embodiment of nature’s protein powerhouse. Within each unassuming bean lies a wealth of plant-based protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, ready to invigorate your health journey. Choose Satee for the goodness of soybean that aligns with your well-being goals and opens doors to innovative, wholesome dishes.

At SATEE, we are committed to sustainable farming practices and responsible sourcing. Our soybean is cultivated using environmentally friendly methods, ensuring the protection of natural resources and the preservation of biodiversity. We also take great care in sourcing our soybean to ensure it meets our high standards of quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. We partner with trusted farmers who employ sustainable agriculture methods. By choosing SATEE’s soybean, you support sustainable agriculture and contribute to a healthier planet.