At SATEE Health, we recognize that every human being is unique, genetically different from others, and possesses individual risk factors for various diseases, including tumors and cardiovascular conditions. Understanding your genetic risk factors empowers you to take proactive steps towards preventing or delaying the onset of diseases and alleviating their symptoms.

Types of diseases we provide assistance on:

  • Tumor diseases
  • Heart and vascular diseases
  • Thrombosis and coagulation disorders
  • Iron and copper storage diseases
  • Fat metabolism disorders (hypercholesterolaemia
  • Glaucoma
  • Malignant hyperthermia (a type of anaesthesia intolerance)

Furthermore, our ‘pharmaco-genetics’ module enables us to analyze the metabolism and efficacy of specific drugs.

Learn more about how we provide healthcare guidance through genetic counseling and sampling.

  • Genetic counseling conducted by a qualified physician.
  • Completion of the order and consent form by the qualified physician and patient.
  • Collection of a blood sample.
  • Next-generation sequencing of all genes in the Disease Prevention Panel by PPG-Doctors AG.
  • Analysis and interpretation of the sequencing data by an interdisciplinary team of scientists and physicians at PPG-Doctors AG.
  • Detailed medical report summarizing the results sent to the qualified physician.
  • Analysis of drug metabolism and effectiveness through the ‘pharmaco-genetics’ module.
  • Discussion of the results between the qualified physician and the patient.

Prepare to be impressed by our comprehensive and easily understandable medical report, thoughtfully crafted with expert interpretation of the findings and personalized recommendations.

Delivered by our esteemed interdisciplinary team of scientists and medical doctors who specialize in human genetics, this report ensures you receive the most accurate and insightful analysis of your genetic information. Our in-house optimized design, based on the latest clinical research, guarantees a seamless and efficient experience.

Plus, we take pride in offering an excellent price-performance-quality ratio, making our genetic services both accessible and of the highest standard. Embrace the power of genetic insights with confidence and embark on a journey towards better health and well-being.