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Specific weight: 76kg/hl min.
Moisture content: 13.5% max. (ICC method nr 110)
Protein content: 11,5% min. (N x 5.7 on dry bases) (ICC method Nr. 105)
Foreign matter: 1.5% max.
Shrunken and broken grains: 3% max.
Damaged grains: 2% max.
Heat damaged grains: 0.5% max.
Sprouted grains: 1% max.
Impurities of animal origin, incl. dead insects: 0.1% max.
Inorganic extraneous matter (stones, dust…): 0.5% max.
Ergot: 0.05% max.
Toxic or harmful grains: 0.1% max.
Zeleny index: Min. 20 (ICC method Nr. 116 & 118)
Hagberg falling number: Min. 220, (ICC method Nr. 107)
Presence of Datura seeds and other toxic seeds or tropane alkaloids: Nil
Aflatoxin total: 4 microgram/kg max.
Ochratoxin: 5 microgram/kg max.
Deoxynivalenol (Vomitoxin): 1250 microgram/kg max.
Flour quality: The flour made from the grain must be machineable, workable and not sticky
All other parameters: According to soft wheat of 3rd class, as per GOST 9353-90


At Satee, we take pride in delivering the finest quality wheat flour that serves as the cornerstone of exceptional cooking and baking experiences. Our premium wheat flour is meticulously sourced and expertly crafted to meet the diverse needs of culinary enthusiasts, professional chefs, and home bakers alike.


Flour Quality: Flour must produce a dough that does not stick during the mechanical kneading process
Type of Product: Wheat flour, type 55
Physical Characteristic of the Dough: W 170 minimum, P/L 0.7 max.
Moisture: 14% Max
Fatty Acid: 0.5g KOH/g of oil max.
Zeleny Index: Min. 25
Proteins: Min. 10.5% (N x 6,25 of dry matter)
Ash Content: 0, 6% max. of dry matter
Hagberg Falling Number: Min.l 220, including the preparation (agitation time of 60 seconds)
Aflatoxin total: 4 microgram/kg max.
Ochratoxin: 3 microgram/kg max.
Deoxynivalenol (Vomitoxin): 750 microgram/kg max.
Presence of Datura seeds and other toxic seeds or traces of tropane alkaloids: Nil

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